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Roadside Assistance and What Is Covered

Breakdown Cover: What You Need to Know

Roadside assistance is a cover that can help you out if your vehicle breaks down. For example, if your battery goes flat, or you get a puncture, a breakdown can provide assistance so that you and your vehicle are not left stranded on the road.

You can take out different kinds of breakdown cover listed below:

Personal or vehicle

You can choose whether your breakdown cover applies to either you or your vehicle:

  • Personal: With this type of breakdown you are covered in any vehicle just as long as it meets the requirements as stated in your policy. You can claim whether you were driving or were a passenger, and depending on the provider and policy, the cover may also include people living at the same address, although there is usually a limit on how many.

  • Vehicle: With this cover, it allows you to claim for a specific vehicle, in material if it is a car, van, or motorcycle, and you could include a number of vehicles in this policy up to a certain limit.

What is included?

Breakdown coverage depends on the level you take out and the provider, however, most policies should include:

  • Roadside assistance or local cover: This is a basic breakdown cover when your provider will send out a mechanic and recovery vehicle to attempt to repair your vehicle roadside. If they are not successful, they will tow it to a nearby garage.

  • Vehicle recovery or national cover: With vehicle recovery as part of your cover you can choose any location for you and your vehicle to be towed to.

  • At-home breakdown: This cover means you can get a call out if your car has broken down at home, or, within a short distance of your home. For instance, if you haven’t driven your car for a while, and it has a flat battery, an at-home breakdown cover will help you get back on the road again.

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